Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My New Nikon D7000

I am too excited to share this. July 11th was my birthday and Hubby got me a brand new Nikon D7000 as a surprise gift. A big surprise, alright.

Here's what happened: Hubby came home after work and told me I should restart my car because I haven't started it or ran it for two weeks now. He reminded me because we just put in a new battery. I looked for my car keys and went into the garage. Oh, what I saw in the driver's seat was a shopping bag. I thought to myself, "I knew he got me something (but didn't know what)". I saw the bag from Broadway Camera and it had to be a new lens or accessory or something. It was heavy. I took it inside after starting my car for 10 minutes. I thanked my Hubby so much and gave him a big hug.

So it was Nikon D7000 that he knew I wanted before. I posted once in my Facebook status, but I wasn't serious about it because it was expensive and I wasn't going to spend my money on that. So it is quite an upgrade from my D40. There are some differences that I need to get used to and I had to learn the new functions.

The comparison on the Nikon D7000 vs the Nikon 40:
The Nikon D7000...
- is a bit bulkier and heavier
- has a much higher resolution (16.1MP vs 6MP)
- has a bigger screen (3.0" vs 2.5")
- has a higher resolution screen (920K dots vs 230K dots)
- shoots video whereas the D40 doesn't
- has live view whereas the D40 doesn't
- shoots much faster(6fps vs 2.5fps)
- video autofocus
- better boost ISO (25,600ISO vs 3200ISO)
- has 2 SD storage slots whereas the D40 only has 1
- much faster max shutter speed (1/8000s vs 1/4000s)
- has more focus points (39 vs 3)

For me, the differences are the quality, ability to shoot movies, the live view on the LCD display. You can read more details of the D7000 from the Nikon USA Website.

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