Saturday, February 26, 2011

Smallville Season 10 Episode 15: Fortune (Full Episode)

Some of you may know I am a big fan of the TV series, Smallville. Last night's episode (Season 10 Episode 15 - Fortune) was hilarious. I also think it was a bit too crazy. What do you guys think? And if you are a Chlollie fan like me, check out my Tumblr page at jennieyuen.tumblr.com for fan art, screen caps, pics, and more.

Summary: Due to a gift from Zatanna, Lois and Clark lose their memories of their respective bachelorette/bachelor parties. As they trace their steps, Clark realizes he may have robbed an armored car, and Lois discovers she gambled away her engagement ring to a crooked casino owner.

For you Smallville fans, you can watch the full episode below. Enjoy!

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