Sunday, February 13, 2011

Custom Signature Stamps from Charm Factory

I've been making many polymer clay charms and I have been thinking about marking my creations with my name or logo somehow. I think this would be great to let people know who the artist is when they look at the bottom or somewhere on the handmade item. I recently discovered that Charm Factory makes custom signature stamps and was given the opportunity to have my own custom signature stamp.

Signature Stamps feature your logo or name and make it very easy to cleanly and precisely brand your jewelry and art. Simply gently press your Signature Stamp into the clay to cut a deep and lasting mark.

These custom-made stamps are small (1/2" wide) and laser engraved to give you the precision impression you are looking for. You get a long lasting and clear product (unlike rubber stamps) and a great value over more expensive brass stamps. The handle is cast from lead free pewter, and your custom clay stamp is made to order from Delrin, a high temperature plastic also used for notary stamps and other demanding applications.

I used my own name "Jennie Yuen" from my logo. I couldn't use the entire logo as it was too complex for such a small space on the stamp. Service and delivery was very quick. I was able to see the preview image before the stamp was sent to me. When I received it and examined it, it looked perfect. I was so excited and couldn't wait to test it out. The stamp (I'm calling it my mini clay-stamper) had a keyring attached at the end of the handle. I can hang it with the rest of the stuff on my wall or hook it with my keys if I wanted to.

So I practiced a few times getting used to how much pressure I would use to make the mark perfect. Sometimes I get the background marking around the text so I was pressing a bit too hard. I also have to remember to keep it straight up and down. So this was my first attempt:

I really like this little stamper. It's fun marking my creations.  Thanks to CharmFactory for this lovely product.  I've made some sushi charms out of polymer clay, but I'll tell you more details and show you images in another post.

Disclosure: I received a custom-made signature stamp from Charm Factory at no charge in exchange for a review of my opinion. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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