Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Dining Table Set from XSCargo

Finally got the new dining table set that I've been eyeing on that was advertised on XSCargo's boxing week flyer for an amazing price. They actually postponed the sale on it until Dec.31 new year's eve. I headed out there early morning to get it! The store opened at 9am and I got there at 8:45am. There were a few people waiting in line already and I found out they were getting the sofa bed. I was the second person to pick out the table. I went to the cashier right away to pay for it first; otherwise other people would have taken it since only 5 was available in the store.

I am happy with my purchase and finally got rid of that old, broken table we had.

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  2. These is a truely classy collection of dining table sets. I recently renovated my house and was looking for some trendy and stylish looking dining table sets. Your post has proved to be my saviour. These are such great looking dining tables sets. I wil surely get one for me as well.