Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tutorial: Origami Lucky Stars

I've made this tutorial as some of you have requested. Here is my long awaited tutorial for making the Origami Stars (also called Lucky Stars). If something isn't clear or if you have questions, please ask.

Click on the image below for full size instructions with images:

Original post can be found on my DeviantArt account.

1) Cut out a strip of any color paper or use pre-made origami star paper. Here I've cut out a strip from wrapping paper.

2) Make a ribbon-like from the strip of paper with the short-end under.

3) Tie a knot at the end without scrunching it. Pull the knot tightly and flatten the edges slightly.

4) Valley-fold the short end and tuck into the pentagon.

5) Keep folding the strip until the end and making the pentagon thicker. Tuck the end in.

6) Hold along two edges and then push in one of the edges with the tip of your thumbnail. Repeat the remaining 4 sides.

7) And there you have a 3D origami lucky star.

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