Friday, August 28, 2009

Our 5th Anniversary Dinner

It is August 28th, 2009 and this day is our 5th anniversary since our marriage. He came home after work and surprised me with pretty earrings and a gold figurine of a couple from the jewelery store. Wow, was I surprised. I made him a custom-made card and bought a box of Purdy's chocolate Hedgehogs.

Hubby Patric and I spent the evening out at a classy restaurant called West Restaurant. Finally out without Baby Brandon. Grandma was babysitting for a few hours while we were out.

Yes, it was expensive as it was a high class restaurant. The food and the service was great for our first time there. Also, not to forget the nice atmosphere. I ordered Organic Roast Duck Breast and he ordered his Organic Steak. For appetizer, we shared a plate of Seared Tuna (seared on the outside and slightly rare on the inside). Parfait was also served to start.

Thank-you Patric. I love you!

Total price (including gratuity) with a glass of red wine: $150.

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