Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UV Gel Nails at home

This is my first attempt with the UV Gel nails I did myself at home. It's nothing too fancy since I just started learning about UV Gel products. There are a lot of information and tutorials on YouTube. Here I added some rhinestones with the pink UV gel coating.

To start, I had to buy the UV gel as well as the UV Lamp to cure it. I got everything on eBay for a great price ($27US), including some nail art stickers. The UV gel set I got comes in white, pink, and clear. The pink is translucent so it seems more like it's clear. The UV gel curing lamp I got is just a cheap 9Watt. I received the package and saw such poor English written on the side of the box and laughed. Hey, it's from China! Cheapy stuff, but it works.

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