Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dic-A-Pac - Waterproof Camera Cover

I ordered the Dic-A-Pac Underwater camera cover last week and it finally arrived in the mail. I haven't tried using my camera with it yet, but I've tested it and seemed to work pretty well. I didn't want to spend $200 for the actual underwater hardcase, so this one works just well. I picked up mines from eBay for about $28US with shipping included.

The "Dic-A-Pac" waterproof camera case comes in different models accommodating different sizes for any digital camera. Here are the features:

- Guaranteed underwater performance for up to 16ft (5m) depth
- Super clear PVC lens frame
- Transparent and flexible case for convenient camera control.
- Possible to use with lens with and without zoom function
- Reliable closing system with waterproof zipper and Roll & Velcro
- JIS waterproof test 8 grades (the highest grade): Product protected against submersion.
- Size: 9.5 w x 14.5 H cm
- Weight: 40g
- This product fits for length 90mm and circumference under 170mm
- please follow the instructions carefully to protect your camera

I could have had a chance to use it when I took baby Brandon swimming for the first time, but didn't take out the camera and the cover with me. Next time I'll share my reviews.

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