Saturday, July 27, 2019

How I Took Care of My 5 Year Old Hamster

I recently shared some photos of my hamster on my Instagram account last month and it has sparked a lot of interest of his longevity. I am also surprised that it has almost been 5 years (well, 4-1/2 years actually). Thanks to those who were concerned about his health. Hammy is actually healthy. I decided to share my experience on my blog.

"Squidgy" is what my child named our little hamster. I originally got him from a breeder in my local area. I will NEVER purchase a hamster or other small furry animals from a pet store because I don't really trust how they look after them nowadays. Prior to adopting our furbaby, I prepared its habitat home. I went for a glass or aquarium type instead of the wired cages. I didn't like the wired cages because I was worried our little hammy would get his arms or legs or head stuck in between. Also, they can easily escape by fiddling around with the latch (I've seen it happen before).

The secret to my hammy's long life? It's pretty simple: I just give him lots of love and exercise and plenty of fresh water.  I use a small water dispenser. Food is just dry mix and some fresh fruits & veggies. Sometimes I give him yogurt and have him lick off a popsicle stick. Don't give them store-bought yogurt drops. Those are not good and it's expensive anyway. Our hammy has his own litter box that I fill with 'cat clumping litter'. Important thing is to keep his area clean all the time.

This is his litter box corner.

When "Squidgy" is awake, I take him out sometimes for him to freely roam around the room with open space. I block in the area with books or boxes so he doesn't run off elsewhere.  Put small pellets or sunflower seeds in the corner and he'll collect them while he explores. Fresh fruits and veggies that he loves: carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, corn, bananas, strawberries, apples. Only give small amounts, otherwise he can't finish it and leftovers can go bad.


As of this post, Squidgy the hamham has just left us. No issues with his health except just old age. We monitored him the night before. He was sleeping comfortably, still breathing normally and calmly. In the morning he went peacefully and was under his covers. In loving memory.....  💗