Sunday, April 5, 2015

#MomBuzz Linky Party: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G+

Mom Buzz Media Follow Linkies

Welcome everyone thank you for joining us in the "Follow Me Linky Party" hosted by Mom Buzz Media! If you are not yet a member of the MOM BUZZ MEDIA Facebook Group, PLEASE join now! There are lots of great opportunites for bloggers to make money and grow!


1. Go to all of the linkies that you want to participate in. Available: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and NEW Google+. Add your profile link, the name of the page/blog, and your email address that you check daily. Make sure you double check your entries before you submit because you cannot edit your entry.

2. Once you have added your link to all of the linkies you want to participate in, GRAB THE FOLLOW LINKY BUTTON below and place on the sidebar of your blog. There are several sizes to choose from and you only have to keep this button on your sidebar through the end of this party, but are more than welcome to keep it up! It will work for every party from here on out!

3. Last but not least SHARE this party! That’s the whole point right? The more entries, the more follows!

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