Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Book Review: "Since You've Been Gone" by Anouska Knight

How do you learn to love again? When a young bakery owner (unable to move on from her tragic past) finds herself the object of a handsome playboy's unwanted advances, she rejects him as being no deeper than the icing on one of her cakes. But he plans on showing this beautiful baker that there are more layers to him than she thinks.

This is a great summer read. I really enjoyed this book and the storyline and one of the best novels I've read so far this year.


Holly Jefferson's perfect world is suddenly stolen from her one terrible night whether husband is tragically killed. Two years later, though still grieving, holly's at least starting to pull he struggling bakery business back into shape thanks to local playboy tycoon, Ciaran Argyll, who wants her to design his birthday cake at the swankiest social event of the season. Holly knows this one job could turn her financial fortunes around for good, but she can't help but wonder if there's more to Ciaran's generous offer than meets the eye.

As heir to his family's vast fortune, the handsome, assured Ciaran has no shortage of glamorous society women clamoring for his attention, including his father's icy, cool assistant, penny Richardson. but Ciaran instead finds himself drawn to the hardworking baker with the cake stains on her face who only wants to impress with her culinary skills.

Despite the stomach flips she gets every time he's near, Holly has no intention of tasting Ciaran's wares no matter how good they look. He may be dashing, debonair heartthrob out of a fairy tale but holly no longer believes in Prince Charming. She married her prince once before but never got her happy ending. She has no intention of making the same mistake again. As far as she's concerned, as soon as she delivers his birthday cake, she can remove his temptation from her taste buds forever.

Ciaran is determined to prove to holly that their chemistry is real and they're not from two different worlds. After all, she's not the only one with a dark past tha continues to haunt her. Ciaran needs to make her see that if she's willing to take a chance with him, then not even their old ghosts will prevent them from finding future joy... But somebody else in their lives might.


Since securing the top prize in a widely-publicized UK writing contest, Anouska Knight has become an international sensation with her debut novel, Since You’ve Been Gone, hitting both The Bookseller and Heatseekers bestseller lists. A former bakery owner, she has gone on to wide acclaim in her native England and now writes full-time, currently on her next novel for Harlequin. Anouska lives in Staffordshire with husband Jim and their two young boys.

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