Friday, April 16, 2010

Superheroes and Supervillains Art Contest

CGWaves is hosting a Superheroes and Supervillains Art Competition. Contest runs from April 1st through April 30, 2010.


  • To participate in the competition every artist must be a registered member of CGWaves.

  • Every artist is allowed to enter a maximum of three pieces, painting them through digital art, traditional art or photomanipulation. Obviously the three pieces are considered as one submission meaning that, if that artist will be the final winner by community members vote, he / she will win one prize only and not as many prizes as how many are the winning pieces. Posting more than one piece makes only yourself to have more exposure.

  • Every piece must be shown in the proper thread at our forums (CLICK HERE FOR THE OPEN THREAD) and every post must contain one piece at a time. This means a post can't show more than one piece. If you want to enter more than one piece please go on posting again in the thread using the "reply to topic" button.

  • The title of the competion is "Superheroes and Supervillains". This title could inspire you in several different ways. So let your imagination run and paint your piece representing a superhero (male or female), a supervillains or even both having battle or any other thing.

  • Do not post heavy or huge files so all the viewers could avoid problems downloading them to see them. Minimum size for width : 400 px.


  • Prize details and more information can be viewed here.

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