Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blog Advertising

So what is a blog? In my definition, a blog is a web log (or a journal) that can be viewed on the internet in an HTML web browser. For a more detailed explanation, go to Wikipedia.

With blog advertising, it is one way to promote and increase traffic to a website. Since blogging (reading and writing them) has become popular, it is an effective way to reach targeted audiences.

How blog advertising works: Advertisers look for blog sites that will help promote their products effectively. And as for the blogger, they get paid to blog about the advertiser’s products, services, and/or recommendations.

If you're interested in earning a bit of commission or make some extra money, you can register your blog as a publisher.

Take a look at Blogadvertisingstore's Blog about Everything on Blog Advertising for a list of discussions and give them a comment.

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