Monday, September 28, 2009

My own copy of Utherworlds Graphic Novel

Yay! My copy of the limited edition of Utherworlds (Art of Philip Straub) has finally arrived in my mail today. I had pre-ordered it months ago. The postman delivered it in person for this special delivery. I opened it up immediately and couldn't wait to view the amazing graphics. Inside I find the certificate of authenticity and my copy is book #002 in a series of 100. I was also umong the first 20 to pre-order so I got the full soundtrack.

This 10" x 15" fantasy graphic novel based on the Utherworlds universe shows Philip Straub's beatiful artwork and story that truly takes your breath away.

In his dedication page of the book, he wrote:
"What you are holding in your hands would not have been possible without the many important people in my life. It is a project that grew with the creative ambitions of all those involved and for their contributions I'm eternally grateful. An extra special thanks goes to my wonderful wife, Monica, for her love, support and belief in me. Warm thanks to my mom, dad, and sister for all their love and encouragement. A debt of gratitude goes to Mark Stefanowicz for his friendship. Finally, thanks to Mark Snoswell and the Ballistic team for making this unique project a reality."

-- Philip Straub

Featured Article here written by Paul Hellard @ CGSociety

And here is baby Brandon, my little future artist:

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  1. What do you think of the story? Is it worth getting for someone who normally just like graphic novels and fantasy fiction?

  2. Hi Brian. I have just finally got the chance to finish reading the book. I find that the stories and artwork really captured my attention. If you're into fantasy/art/games like me, then yes it is definitely worth getting.

  3. Thanks for replying. Yeah, it looks really neat to me but I live in Canada and am turned off by such the steep price. I would have to pay customs on it as well as the increased shipping. It would cost me over $200 for just a book. I think I'll wait until I can see it on ebay or something.